“Super” Coming to a Theater Near You!

I’m very excited to announce that I have been back in the studio creating “Super”! This new duet takes a humorous journey from reality into a fantasized comic book adventure.  I am dancing alongside my friend and amazing performer, Joshua Reaver, in this silly yet quite serious adventure.  We’ve been building this work since May, and we’re ready to unveil, entertain, & hear what you think.  Catch us in Martha’s Vineyard and New York City this month!

Sunday Aug. 18th & Monday Aug. 19th at Built on Stilts – Martha’s Vineyard  8:00 PM nightly, Union Chapel – Oak Bluffs, MA.  Performances are FREE and open to the public, more information on the Built on Stilts Website

Friday Aug. 30th at In-Sight Dance Company’s 4th Annual Suite Summer Festival – NYC  8:00 PM – The Secret Theatre, 4402 23rd Street – Long Island City, NY. Tickets are Available HERE – Gen. Admission – $15 / Students – $13. More Information on In-Sight Dance Company’s Website


“Super” looks at the icons of the super hero and sidekick through the impressions we carry of those roles from childhood to adulthood.  The characters change through the piece to accept what bravery is in reality, apart from emulating fantastical comic strip personas.  The piece journeys from reality, into a fantasized comic book adventure, and back to reality again.  The scenes travel from friends meeting after work, to the slapstick action-packed play world of our childhood super heroes, and back to the day-to-day world the characters become more accepting of.

Constantly shifting between dance and theater, this work is kept comically upbeat and achieves the goal of blurring what is expected of dance performance.  My aim in making “Super” is to create a world of escape and fantasy and, at the same time, bring the characters closer to confronting reality with the optimism of youth.  Ultimately, the figures rediscover how to be brave in the face of anything, imagined or real. “Super” depicts how bravery may really be nothing more than having a powerful and convincing imagination.