Great Review of ‘Super’

"Super" by Kaley PruittPruitt’s work Super was presented by Green Space in their Take Root Series in January.  Check out this great review the work got from dance writer Courtney Escoyne of The Stewardship Report.  Escoyone writes, “They put on capes, sparkles and balloons to fight crime, conquer monsters, and crash a getaway car in a jazzy, deliciously campy routine that left the audience chuckling…I hesitate to give away more, as there is something immensely satisfying in the cinematic composition of the narrative…Despite the comedy, I couldn’t help but wonder whether Pruitt meant the title both literally and facetiously—the way you might reply on an awful day to someone asking, ‘How are you?’ Super left me questioning whether what we are afraid of isn’t often the thing that makes us stronger.” [Photo by Sam Polcer]