Kaley Wins Regalia 2021!

Pruitt wins Regalia 2021
RDT company members reveal Pruitt as the winner of the 2021 Regalia Choreographic Commission

Repertory Dance Theatre Selects Kaley Pruitt as their REGALIA Choreographic Competition Winner

Artistic Director, Kaley Pruitt was selected as a finalist choreographer for Repertory Dance Theatre’s annual choreographic competition, Regalia. Kaley was one of four finalists who each created a new work in just one, 4-hour Zoom rehearsal, with no prior contact with the dancers. During online viewing and voting February 22-27, 2021 her work “Seeing Wider Still” got the most viewer votes, and she was awareded a full company comission! Pruitt will be going to Salt Lake City to set a full new work on Repertory Dance Theatre in October 2021, and the new work will premiere in January 2022.

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