KPD Performs in Chicago Friday September 10th

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Kaley Pruitt Dance has been invited to perform in Simantikos Dance Chicago’s Choreo Kick-Off Festival Friday September 10th 7:00pm at Ruth Page Center for the Arts.  Pruitt’s duet Of Nearness will be danced by Rich Ashworth and Kaley Pruitt.  Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, and free for students and children.  We hope you can come out to see us, and support live dance performance coming back in Chicago!

ABOUT THE PIECE: Of Nearness explores the embodiment of power dynamics and psychophysical connection between two people.  The work probes the relationship between movement and time, as it molds the audience witnessing as a catalyst for empathy.  Bringing the audience into the dancers’ experience both mentally and physically, a sound score of recorded narration functions to offer an unknown witness’s inner monologue of personal reflection about the relationship as the work unfolds.  The piece encourages a psychological connection between audience and dancers in addition to the kinetic connection to explore new ways of watching and engaging with dance.

Pruitt’s Dance Film STRATA in the Milwaukee Fringe Festival

Pruitt’s dance film “Strata” is a part of the Virtual Milwaukee Fringe Festival this year!  You can enjoy this show from home on your own schedule between August 20th – 28t.  Pruitt’s film will be shown alongside this great line up of virtual performances.  If you’re in the Milwaukee area, check out their live live festival at Peck Pavilion Stage.  Tickets are $8 and go on sale Thursday August 12th.

ABOUT THE FILM: “Strata” is a dance film exploring use of layered camera work to choreograph close spatial proximity of dancers not physically possible during COVID-19. The film was shot with no more than two dancers on set at one time, and one dancer was filming remotely in another state.  All proximal spatial relationships of the dancers’ bodies were “choreographed” in the editing process with frame layering. The film medium allowed Pruitt to explore spatial relationships digitally which are unable to exist live due to social distancing. The work explores the tension in being separated physically and emotionally from others while imagining a world of closeness and shared spaces of memory.