Community Projects


June brings exciting work and new opportunities for Kaley Pruitt Dance!  Pruitt is collaborating with the Milwaukee Public Library system and creating a series of public workshops that weave interaction, storytelling, discussion, and performance together.  The focus of the project is embodied community discourse and empathy cultivation through movement, put into practice.  We are looking at how we activate and develop deeper empathy towards one another through compassion, our ability to relate, acknowledging privilege and prejudices, protecting freedoms, modeling resilience, and embracing unknowns and difference.

Artists Natalie Dellutri, Keeley Flanigan, Patrick Ingram and Robert Perales are collaborating with Pruitt on this project.  The team has been in the studio since January exploring and building material, discussing and sharing ideas, and learning from each other.  We’ll be announcing dates soon and sharing more about the creative process and how you can support this exciting project!