KPD Performs March 30th at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Embracing the Past Embodying the Future

KPD Performs March 30th at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Embracing the Past Embodying the Future is a shared evening of dance featuring

Saturday March 30th |  7:30pm
Peck School of the Arts  |  Mitchell Studio 254
2400 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, WI 53211

Dixon Place presents Kaley Pruitt Dance in Fast Forward Split Bill Series February 12th

Pruitt’s Through All This & You premiered in July 2017 in KPD’s NYC season at Triskelion Arts.  We’re thrilled to be bringing this work back presented in a split bill series alongside MJM Dance at Dixon Place February 12th.  The piece will performed by Cassandra Bowser, Ashley Ervin, Robert Perales & Kaley Pruitt.

Through All This & You is a fun, light-hearted suite of dances that reveals the subtle, often attempting to be hidden, nuances in human relationships.  Not to be taken too seriously, this dance has luscious moments of ridiculousness and awkwardness.  The piece explores the many forms of love, play, competition, care, voyeurism, and how those can meld together and trigger the each other.

Tuesday February 12th  |  7:30pm

161A Christie Street New York, NY 10002


Dixon Place presents Kaley Pruitt Dance in 8 in Show September 26th, 2018

Kaley Pruitt Dance - Like MindsPruitt’s newest duet Like Minds premiered in June in Kaley Pruitt Dance’s season at Martha Graham Studio Theater. The work was very well received this summer and we’re thrilled to be asked to perform it at Dixon Place this September.  This duet is performed by company Artistic Director Kaley Pruitt & company dancer Megan Wubbenhorst to music by Nico Muhly and costumes by Amanda Vander Byl.

Wednesday September 26th  |  7:30pm
Dixon Place

161A Christie Street
New York, NY 10002

Pruitt’s “Limitless” Premieres at Illinois State University

Pruitt’s newest creative project is a 14 minute group work for 7 dancers to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”.  The work has been set on dance majors at Illinois State University’s School of Theatre & Dance and premieres in their Fall Dance Concert November 30th – December 2nd.  Concerts are at the Center for Performing Arts in Normal, IL 7:30pm nightly with an additional matinee Saturday at 2:00pm.  If you are in the Chicago area, check out the show!


IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign Success

Kaley Pruitt Dance IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign

Kaley Pruitt Dance ran a 30 day fundraising campaign in June 2017 on IndieGoGo. Thank you to the 65 donors who us reach our funding goal in support of producing our 2017 NYC Season at Triskelion Arts!

We raised over $4000 through this campaign to fund the dancers’ rehearsal and performance pay, space rental, and costumes.  I am as committed to our artistic vision as I am about paying our dancers fairly for their professional work, thank you again for supporting dance and KPD.  Check out our full IndieGoGo Campaign here.

Great Review of ‘Super’

"Super" by Kaley PruittPruitt’s work Super was presented by Green Space in their Take Root Series in January.  Check out this great review the work got from dance writer Courtney Escoyne of The Stewardship Report.  Escoyone writes, “They put on capes, sparkles and balloons to fight crime, conquer monsters, and crash a getaway car in a jazzy, deliciously campy routine that left the audience chuckling…I hesitate to give away more, as there is something immensely satisfying in the cinematic composition of the narrative…Despite the comedy, I couldn’t help but wonder whether Pruitt meant the title both literally and facetiously—the way you might reply on an awful day to someone asking, ‘How are you?’ Super left me questioning whether what we are afraid of isn’t often the thing that makes us stronger.” [Photo by Sam Polcer]

Kaley Pruitt Dance Performs ‘Super’ Presented by Green Space Jan 20th & 21st


Friday January 20th  |  8:00 PM
Saturday January 21st  |  8:00 PM

Green Space in NYC
3724 24th St Suite 301, Long Island City 11101

img_3005Super is for the kid inside your heart.  It is hysterical, ridiculous, and at times even devastating.  The piece takes a journey from reality, into a fantasized comic book adventure and back.  It looks at the icons of “super hero and sidekick” and the impressions we carry of those roles from childhood to adulthood.  The imaginary exploit reminds the characters to confront reality with the optimism of youth and to cherish a true friend.  Super depicts how bravery may really be nothing more than having a powerful and convincing imagination.  The work features dancer Joshua Reaver alongside Kaley Pruitt, with music selections by Europe, Frank Sinatra, and Ben Harper.
Green Space’s Take Root Series is a monthly curated series that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to show a half evening work paired with another artist.  Kaley Pruitt Dance will be performing alongside U R B A N / T R I B E.  We hope you come out to support both companies in this shared evening of great dancing! [photo above by Sam Polcer]