Pruitt Premieres  нет войне
Fem Dance Company  |  now available online

You can now see my premiere of “нет войне” on Fem Dance Company online! Vemno $5 to @femdanceco, then send your email address to kalpruitt@gmail.com, and we’ll send you the link to the show!

Pruitt’s newest half evening length work, нет войне (translates to ‘no to war’ in Russian) premiered in Fem Dance Company’s concert, State of Flux alongside work by Artistic Director Alicia Ross, and Salt Lake based artist Jessica Baynes at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center August 2022.

As I absorbed the shock of Russia invading Ukraine in late February, I sought to make any sense of the aggression and resulting atrocities against the Ukrainian people.  How in 2022, were the Russian people standing behind this?  Oversimplifying the situation as good versus evil would have been easier.  But as I kept learning, I was better able to contextualize and humanize the variety of Russian experiences under oppressive government.  I first heard NPR’s Rough Translation podcast “Letter of Unhappiness” in April, and it fueled the inspiration for this project.  I began to see Russians as many stories of self-preservation and denial, trust and distrust, love and loyalty, propaganda and truth, and levels of fighting back inside a system of control.  I was drawn to the lived reality of existing inside pervasive Russian propaganda and the acts of subversive protest against those lies.  It was especially important to me to find these voices – to support them, share their story, and learn from them during this time of global upheaval and regression.
The title of this piece, нет войне means “no to war” in Russian.  This work is an antiwar statement in support of Ukraine, and it’s also a work to help us reflect on our own culture, media consumption, and right to protest.  I hope this piece helps us see and hear those fighting inside Russia and help us find more fight within ourselves when it matters.

– Kaley Pruitt
Photography by Becca Webb & Keith Fearnow

fem dance company is a project based collective in Salt Lake City that strives to represent and empower women in dance. We believe in the potency, exquisiteness, and brilliance that women hold in the performing arts industry. Our mission is to create space and opportunities for all women and non-binary individuals to share their artistry and inspire others. We aim to connect and enliven the salt lake city dance community through collaboration, performance, and interdisciplinary art-making. we aspire to build a flourishing organization with a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Pruitt to begin as Assistant Professor of Dance at SUNY Brockport this Fall

Kaley is thrilled to announce that she’s beginning a new position at SUNY Brockport as an Assistant Professor of Dance this semester!  She’s honored to join the amazing faculty there and excited to grow in her research, choreography, and teaching in this new setting.  

KPD is excited to reconnect with the New York City dance scene as well as explore Rochester and the surrounding arts communities.  Here’s to new chapters, new collaborations, and as always – dancing up a storm!


Pruitt’s commission for Salt Lake’s Repertory Dance Theatre is being presented again in their 2022/23 Season November 17-19, 2022 in the Jeanne Wagner Theater. 

The concert titled, Sojourn will feature Pruitt’s work Hold alongside, a premiere by Tyler Schnese, Natosha Washington’s Say Their Names (2018), and Cherylyn Lavagnino’s Triptych (2014).  Save the dates, more information to come!

Donate now at Fractured Atlas!

Kaley Pruitt Dance is proud to announce our  fiscal sponsorship under Fractured Atlas.  This will allow supporters to make tax deductible donations to the company year-round.  Being fiscally sponsored also allows Kaley Pruitt Dance to apply for larger grants as we look into the future toward sustainability and supporting larger company projects.  Check out Kaley Pruitt Dance’s support page at Fractured Atlas and make a one time or monthly donation to support our work today!

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