Hold Premieres January 7-8th in Repertory Dance Theatre’s Emerge Concert in Salt Lake City

Pruitt’s newest work, Hold, emerged from reflecting on what is personal but also universal to each of us.  The pandemic has brought on a shared global experience that is unprecedented.  The work looks at how this upheaval has allowed us to de-center our own narratives and realize our impact on the larger communities around us.  Set to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings,” Hold leaves space for doubt and hope simultaneously.  The piece asks what it means to not defeat something, but instead transform ourselves for the better because it remains.  Hold orients us inside this present moment with attuned awareness of our humanity and greater connections. 

RDT’s Emerge at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City
Friday, January 7th – 7:30pm
Saturday, January 8th – 2:00pm
Saturday, January 8th – 7:30pm


If you are out of town or prefer to stream from you home, virtual tickets gain you access to view the concert twice between January 14th – February 14th. 

ABOUT THE PROCESS: I began the process for Hold by sharing my personal experiences during the pandemic and motivations in making a work that would reflect this moment of shared experience.  I communicated my driving motivation to create a dynamic rehearsal space of healing, learning, and connection to each other and our present history.  I welcomed that this latter priority would shift our “product” in a direction that I could not foresee nor take sole ownership of.  The gift of working collaboratively with RDT’s amazingly talented and generous dancers in a rehearsal space unmasked, physically connecting after a year and a half of distanced, masked, and often digital interaction was not lost on us.  The process that unfolded was cathartic.  We explored the thin edge between our most personal experiences and the universal experience of the global pandemic.  The creative process provided a space for reflection, embodied conversation, and liberating expression.  I believe the finished work reflects a deepened sense of community and empathy, and I’m thrilled to share it with audiences in Salt Lake and those streaming from afar in January. -Kaley

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Kaley Pruitt Dance is proud to announce our  fiscal sponsorship under Fractured Atlas.  This will allow supporters to make tax deductible donations to the company year-round.  Being fiscally sponsored also allows Kaley Pruitt Dance to apply for larger grants as we look into the future toward sustainability and supporting larger company projects.  Check out Kaley Pruitt Dance’s support page at Fractured Atlas and make a one time or monthly donation to support our work today!

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