See KPD Perform “Of Nearness” in the Mark De Garmo Virtual Salon Performance Series for Social Change Thursday May 12th 7:00 ET / 6:00 CT

Mark DeGarmo Dance continues its transcultural transdisciplinary Virtual Salon Performance Series for Social Change 2022 to an international audience on Zoom with performances featuring global performing artists: Alfonso Cervera (Seattle, WA), Aishwarya Madhav (New York City), Kaley Pruitt (Bloomington, IL), and Angela Stoecklin & Peter Pierhosseinlou (Zurich, Switzerland and Tehran, Iran) on Thursday May 12th at 7PM ET. Each performance is curated and includes audience response supported, encouraged, and facilitated by Dr. Mark DeGarmo.

Tickets are for sale by-donation

ABOUT THE PIECE: Of Nearness explores the embodiment of power dynamics and psychophysical connection between two people.  The work probes the relationship between movement and time, as it molds the audience witnessing as a catalyst for empathy.  Bringing the audience into the dancers’ experience both mentally and physically, a sound score of recorded narration functions to offer an unknown witness’s inner monologue of personal reflection about the relationship as the work unfolds.  The piece encourages a psychological connection between audience and dancers in addition to the kinetic connection to explore new ways of watching and engaging with dance.  


“The rhythmic foundations shift as the music builds an arch and Pruitt replicates this with impressive effect in the dancers. The dance artists open up the movement space, replicating clearly the crossovers suggested in the music. Pruitt succeeds at heightening the already profound emotional foundation of the music, most notably at the melodic peak of the music where the bass line has been stripped out and the movement takes on a near-ethereal floating sensation. The company responded fully to the poignant demands of this outstanding interpretation.” – Les Roka of The Utah Review 

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Kaley Pruitt Dance is proud to announce our  fiscal sponsorship under Fractured Atlas.  This will allow supporters to make tax deductible donations to the company year-round.  Being fiscally sponsored also allows Kaley Pruitt Dance to apply for larger grants as we look into the future toward sustainability and supporting larger company projects.  Check out Kaley Pruitt Dance’s support page at Fractured Atlas and make a one time or monthly donation to support our work today!

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