Kaley Pruitt Dance investigates the nuances of the human experience and explores the intrinsic communication between bodies in space. The work spans from comedic dance theater to abstract concert aesthetic.  Pruitt is interested in bringing dance back into the public sphere through both traditional and non-traditional performance settings and performance content.  Kaley aims to create a dance environment where the audience can experience a new perspective or take an unforeseen journey through the choreography.  Kaley Pruitt Dance’s work is not a prescribed experience; it is an opportunity to understand more deeply what one has maybe known but perhaps overlooked in the world around them.  Pruitt believes dance has the power to speak across the divides we continue to place amongst ourselves.  With movement, we all start from the same place.  There is a base understanding that as human beings we give and receive information and stories through our body language.  It is through this language that we can find commonality, and a place to build from.  Kaley has been working in New York City as a dancer and choreographer since 2011.  Pruitt’s choreography has been presented through University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Dixon Place, Illinois State University, Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, Triskelion Arts, Chez Bushwick and The Center for Performance Research, Built on Stilts in Martha’s Vineyard, The Secret Theater, Ketchum Arts Commission, Movement Research, Niagara, and Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre.  Photo above: Stephen Delas Heras, Photo below: Erik Carter

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Welcome and thank you for visiting!  I invite you to explore the work and stay in touch with the company.  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event! – Kaley

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